Our certifications:



ISO 9001:2008

What it means to be certified

Certification is synonymous with improvement in the finished product. Especially the improvement of processes that precede the finished product namely the production and control. 


The certifications obtained by our company in the month of February 2016 were as follows : BRC - IFS FOOD - ISO 9001:2008


The BRC standard was created in 1998 to ensure that branded products are produced according to well- defined quality standards.


More precisely reports, by a manufacturer specifications Structural for :


- Production environments ;

- The product specifications and process ;

- Standards of conduct for staff.


The IFS is a unified quality and safety control system , applied to all levels of production in which the foods are processed.

ISO 9001:2008

The ISO 9001 is the legislation a reference for those who want to undergo quality control its own process production in a cyclic manner , starting from requirements definition (expressed and not) customers , reaching up to monitoring of the whole process productive.

The customer and his satisfaction are the center of the ISO 9001 , every activity ,implementation and monitoring of activities are designed to determine the maximum satisfaction of ' final user.

Finally , the activity is monitored through HACCP controls

What are the benefits?


  • Access to target markets in most European countries and non-European;

  • Stronger relationships with suppliers;

  • Greater transparency and increased consumer confidence;

  • Simplification of the production;

  • Control of internal processes and minimizing risk.


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