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AFTER three bakers Generations and the foresight of the grandparents of the founders Angela , Gianluca , Nicola and Magda , a small town in the hinterland of Bari , Palo, was founded in 1995, Le Bontà di San Trifone.

Located in Palo del Colle , the signs that welcome " The city and Tarallo of Olive Oil " stands proud at each entrance of the village . As it is well known Apulian traditional cuisine is rich in dishes and poor recipes in their ingredients , but rich in taste and goodness.

Among the typical products of Puglia are the Taralli.


The etymology of the term " Tarallo " would be connected to different roots , but the more explanatory is " Tar " which refers to the concept dell'avvolgere, and the circularity of cerchio. TheTarallo seems to evoke the cyclical nature of time, the return of the seasons . The Tarallo , for the presence of the two ends connected, refer to symbolism, a snake biting its tail constantly recreating and forming a circle . -more-





Many qualities and sizes, while respecting the traditional recipe that distinguishes the quality of our products


The bagels handmade in the traditional transparent bag here, so as to make the product already delicious to the eye...before the palate!


The simplicity anda taste of "Delizie dal Colle" to rediscover the classic bagels tradition.


Absolute novelty, delicious and tasty snacks from young and sparkling wrappers. MiniMini, the cheerful snacks!




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